Hot Stone Massage - 70 minute session

A technique integrating hot stones and long retaking strokes to unwind stressed muscles and create a positive energy flow, thereby, re-energizing and rebalancing the body's spiritual, mental, physical and emotional well-being. The deepest tissue layers are reached with this technique. These stones are basalt volcanic rock that feels like silk on the skin. Used as massage tools to help your therapist to penetrate deep, aching muscles without using deep pressure. Blood circulation is stimulated, while calming the nervous system and thus encouraging your body to heal itself. Cold stones are sometimes used to reduce swelling, while aromatherapy oil and Swedish massage techniques combine to bring your body and mind to a state of sublime bliss.

**Add Aromatherapy, Crystal Energy Therapy, or Sound Healing to your Massage-At no charge!**
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Aromatherapy creates balance of body, mind and spirit. Each essential oil has a natural, medicinal property that stimulates and heals in a specific way; therefore certain oils are used for treating certain conditions. Depending on your oil blend, it can provide a boost when you need to be alert or promote calmness during tense and stressful situations. Increasing attention and memory, it also helps to maintain focus and energy levels through out the day. Best of all, there is no susceptibility to the highs and lows associated with common quick fixes such as caffeine, alcohol, or sugar.  A health review will be done during your first session, to customize blends that are best suited for you. Jennifer has a wide selection of high quality oils to choose from!  **Aroma therapy is available with Hot Stone Massage and Reflexology. ** 

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Reflexology - 30 and 60 minute sessions

This natural, non-invasive healing art is based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to every part of the body. This includes the organs, glands, nervous, circulatory, lymphatic systems, to name a few! The physical image of the body is mapped onto the feet in a logical, anatomical pattern. Through application of pressure on these reflexes-with hands only-Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation, and opens the flow in blocked nerves and meridian points, to help promote natural functioning and healing of the body. For instance, if an organ or gland is underactive or overactive, Reflexology can help return it to a normal level.

*Add Aromatherapy to your Reflexology Session or combine it with an Ion Detox Foot & Body Cleanse!*
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Ion Foot and Body Detox - 30 minute sessions

This Detox is simple and effective. Your feet are soaked in warm water for 30 minutes while an Array pumps millions of negative and positive Ions into your water. The feet, being the most porous area of the body, absorbs these Ions and facilitates an alkaline or ph balance. This neutralizes acid wastes built up in our system. The particles of fat and mucus residues remain in the water after the foot bath reflect the wastes that ejected from our body during the session. In general, our body will feel lighter after the first session. Clarity of mind, increased energy and a greater sense of well being are frequently reported after having an Ion Foot Bath. Joint pain lessoned or minimized has also been reported. Note: these are reports from my own clients in my practice. The ionic technique of cleansing thru feet provides a full body purge of all vital organs. The internal cleansing can also assist in faster healing and or recovery from injury. Please note that a Detox of any kind cannot make medical claims or guarantee cures of disease.  

**Can be combined with Reflexology and Aroma-therapy**
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Usui method of Reiki - 30 and 60 minute Sessions

Reiki is a Japanese name consisting of 2 words Rei and Ki meaning Universal guided Life Energy. Reiki is an Energy Healing Modality that provides a deep relaxation experience to allow the body’s vital energy to flow freely, clearing blockages, meridian points, and balancing of the body, mind and spirit. Reiki has been used for centuries for treating many ailments such as reducing stress, relieving pain, headaches, stomach upsets, back problems, asthma, sinus, anxiety problems and more. Since there is no belief system attached to Reiki, anyone can receive a Reiki treatment. As in any healing, the first step towards a healthier life is a desire to be healed.  At the start of each session, I will tap into your energy field and discuss with you where I believe energy blockages are located in your body, why they exist, and where you are holding your stress. You can then lie comfortably on my massage table and enjoy the relaxation and bliss that Reiki so frequently brings. Many even fall asleep!

**Sound Vibration Therapy and Crystal Energy Therapy can be added on-At no charge!**
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Integrated Energy Therapy®( I.E.T.) - 60 and 90 minute sessions

  1. Developed at the Center of Being, by Stevan J. Thayer, is the next level of healing with the energy of Angels. The IET technique uses a high vibration of Angelic energy to energize and release energy blocks through 9 IET integration points throughout the human body.  A significant benefit of the IET method is “healing without feeling”; meaning most clients can release the suppressed emotions and energy blocks without having to "relive" the traumatic event or pain.  I.E.T. Angelic energy works to energetically restructure your body’s 12 strand DNA to get the issues out of your tissues for good!  During an IET Session you lie fully clothed and relaxed on a massage table while soothing music is played in the background. Next, IET energy is systematically directed into specific areas of your body’s cellular memory by means of gentle therapeutic touch. After an IET session, it is typical to feel relaxed, recharged, and refreshed!
  2. **I.E.T. advanced session is offered in a 90 minute session and includes Soul Star Clearing**

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Aura–Chakra Energy Rebalance - 15 and 30 minute Sessions

This treatment involves the movement of energy with Reiki. It is designed to clear stagnant chi out of the 7 Chakra centers within the body and then flood those Chakra’s with high vibration chi. Each Chakra is then rebalanced using the Usui principles of Reiki. Your Aura is then cleared and smoothed. These movements and techniques are subtle but create a big effect on your body. An excellent way to give yourself a boost! 

**Can be a treatment unto itself or added to an Aroma-therapy Hot Stone Massage!**
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Sound Vibration Therapy with the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl

“The primary tone, the foundation stone of all worlds, is sung by the quartz crystal bowl”
Sound therapy is ancient, although first recognized in the West by doctors in the late 19th century. The link between healing and sound can be found in every culture. Sound vibrates in waves at different frequencies influencing certain physiological functions and emotions.
When played, the rich tones impact all physical matter, which assists to open, balance and align the chakras and the body’s subtle energy field. **Jennifer will play the bowl within her other energy sessions as a Complementary add-on. **

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Crystal Energy Therapy

Is a complementary therapy that incorporates the healing energy of crystals and minerals into your chosen healing session. When stones are placed on key energy points within the body, (or chakras), the electromagnetic frequency arried by that stone will vibrate with related frequencies in our own energy field through the physical law of resonance. Your nervous system is attuned to these shifts in energy and will transmit this information to your brain, where the frequencies stimulate biochemical shifts and releases that affect the physical body, trigger emotional experiences and shift brain function to open you to spiritual experience. Various crystal points, known as wands are used within your session to draw stagnant or blocked chi out of the body to improve the flow of energy within you.
**This therapy can be added onto Reiki, I.E.T., Chakra-Aura Rebalancing, Aroma-Therapy Hot Stone Massage and Reflexology at no additional cost!**

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Disclaimer: Please observe that all services mentioned above should never be used instead of a medical treatment or visit to your medical doctor. Instead they should be used as a compliment to overall healing and a way to become and remain healthy and energetic!

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